Triple Negative Wont Win

Importance of getting checked regularly
Eating Healthy and Exersise
Having a spiritual connection 

We must have a relationship with God. In order to believe and have faith you have to know who God is. When you walk by faith anything is possible. Our spirit has a soul that lives in our body. God combine our mind, emotions and will connect with the spirit and the body. When you are closely united with your heavenly Father all the power of heaven is at your disposal. So if you dont have a relationship with the higher power up now is the time to do so. 

Listen to your body. Our body will tell us when something is wrong. The body will always give you a sign. A head ache, back ache, or soar throat, can be many things. It can be something as simple as what it appears to be or it could be something life threatening creating in your body. Regular check-ups such as exams and test are important because this can help find problems before they start. Why wait to find out?

Good eating habits and exercise are the key to living a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise and the consumption of healthy food can lead to happiness, good health and a long life. This can be hard however we must get into the mind over matter. When you set your mind to not do something, it wont do it. Eating healthy is not about strict dietary limitations , staying unrealistically thin, or depriving yourself of the foods you love. And you dont have to do over the top extreme exersice however doing both will have you feeling and looking great, give your more energy, and improve your health.

This is a black fitted hat with the logo Triple Negative Wont Win in pink writing.

This is a pink fitted hat with the logo Triple Negative Wont Win in black writing.

This is a black beanie hat with the logo abbreviations TNWW in pink writing. 

I truly thank God for giving me people like this in my life. Support is hard to come by. I thank everyone of you ladies for showig up and showing out with me. No words can express the gratitude that i have for your presence. I truly appreciate all of you and everyone else who supports me that was not there that day. 
From left to right. Starting with the front. Lela, Tamika, Lynda, Cynthia, Vera, Latrece, Jennifer, Stephanie, Elizabeth, Niecy, Tasheen. Right to left. Felicia, Danisha, Taiesha, Roberta, Latoyia, Raynesha, Debra, Patrice, Keyona, Nyshira, Shamika, and Cassondra. Those who wasnt present for the photos. Daria, Teashanna, Vee, Monika, Jessica and Kamie. Again thank you all and God Bless.